Who Are We?

We are an IT Company Driving Digital Transformation through Innovation. We accomplish this by building an innovative tech talent pipeline and leveraging technological innovation to create solutions that will transform Africa.

Our Story

Africa's most valuable resource is its youth. Africa's youth population is rapidly increasing, with over 830 million predicted by 2050. This is based on the African Development Bank Group's report. According to the International Monetary Fund, Africa's population growth will result in more young Africans joining the labour force market each year in 2035 than the rest of the world combined.

However, unemployment continues to be a major obstacle to the full utilization of human resources despite the significant technological advancements in the continent over the last decade. The unemployment rate in Kenya is 6.6% of total labour force of ages 18-24 in 2021, with females’ unemployment rate at 2.76%.

Our motivation stems from the fact that there is a significant disparity between the number of young people looking for employment and the number of job opportunities available to them. Furthermore, there is a mismatch between the capabilities of entrants to the workforce and the needs of employers. If nothing is done, many young people will have difficulty finding work that will allow them to improve their lives.

We Believe

We believe through technology, every young person in Africa has a potential to push their limits, achieve their dreams, impact their own lives and those of others, and redefine what’s possible through technological innovation. That’s why CodeAfrika is here. We achieve this by creating and facilitating a developer-focused platform to foster the interaction of next-gen software engineers and technology innovators. We partner with educational institutions and businesses to train young developers and foster innovation. We believe that this commitment to power an ecosystem that facilitates collective value creation will realize a lot of dreams, create positive impact, reduce poverty, promote quality education, provide more employment opportunities, and champion technological innovation. That way, we get Better Together!.

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to be a leading IT Company in Africa harnessing Innovation to drive digital transformation and building innovative solutions.


Our Vision statement is a future where young African Innovators leverage Technological Innovation to drive digital transformation for Africa's Growth.

Our values

  • Passion
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Agility

Our Approach


Enhance the quality of education and vocational training so that young people are equipped with tech skills that employers require.


Leverage technology to connect employers with qualified developers.


Involve developers in directly building business applications creating a truly 21st-century remote workforce.


Train young innovators to develop innovative solutions that provide real value to create business opportunities.